Hope everyone has been staying healthy.

I can guess the question on everyone’s mind. The answer is YES – the weekend is on. We will try to follow the usual safety protocols. I’ve heard from many of you who have already had at least their first vaccine. I’m patiently waiting for mine. Am optimistic that I will have it in the next few weeks.

We have a great weekend lined up. I have to stress that at this time things are fluid. Please hang in there as we had to change a few things in our line-up due to Covid but we hope that is all in the rearview mirror. We appreciate your patience.

Notably the field trip has changed, but it is still going to be a good one. Tom Heski will be our guide for Custer’s trip June 24 to 25, Busby to the divide. The tour will follow Custer, Reno. Bradley and Indian camp sites. It includes the night halt and Walter Camp marker on the divide. Sorry, no trip to the Crow’s Nest. FYI, the cost would have been over $100 plus per person extra, which we felt was too excessive.

The pizza party and hamburger party are still on. Check the Dispatch for symposium speakers. Chris Hoffert will head our author’s forum. As many know, he is doing a film on Wagoner’s Strategy of Defeat.

We will try to keep the tradition of wreath laying which depends on social distancing. We will announce times when we have an update on the situation in Montana. At present, masks are required at the Battlefield.

Be sure to attend the auction Saturday night after the hamburger party. If you have anything Custer related that you could donate, please feel free to bring it along.
We will be using the Ford dealership in Hardin as the site to pick up your badges. Sandy Bernard from AST Press has again offered us space in his book room at the Ford dealership so that we can sell CBMHA books.

Be sure to sign up as soon as possible so we can get a fairly accurate attendance number for our various events.

Don Fisk and Willie Walker are running for the Board of Directors. Since there are only two candidates for two openings, there will be no election.

Our website is growing so be sure to check it out.

Your board will be participating in a conference call to learn more about how the new Battlefield museum will be designed. We feel honored to be part of this process. The new museum has to be in the same footprint as the old museum. The visitor center and museum are closed as of this writing.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to call me at 319-329-1315. Let’s have a great and safe get-together.

Garry Owen,

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