Custer Battlefield Historical & Museum Association


CBHMA President’s Message Fall 2018

Ted Heath, President


Photo by Sue Heath    


Dr. Richard Fox, author of one of my favorite book, Archaeology, History, and Custer's Last Stand has accepted our invitation to be the speaker at our 2019 Author's forum

Dr. Fox took part in the actual field work in the 1980s, helping uncover multiple artifacts, including bullets, spent cartridges and other material used by both the Indians and the soldiers during the battle.

He combines this real-life archeological data with historical documents and Indian eyewitness accounts to paint a new picture of what happened on June 25, 1876, reshaping the accepted perspective of how the battle quickly devolved from a disciplined attack to a sudden collapse that led to terror and ultimate defeat.

If you haven't read this  book I recommend gettin a copy. I'm sure you'll find it an interesting and informative read.

And while I have your attention, there are many more books dealing with Custer, the battle and the events before and after it starting on page 17 of this issue of The Battlefield Dispatch. Any one of them can enhance your knowledge of the life, times and ultimate death of George Armstrong Custer.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't point you to page 8 of this issue where Vince Heier reviews Mike Donahue's new book, Where The Rivers Ran Red: The Indian Fights of George Armstrong Custer, for sale, not coincidentally, in the back of this issue.

In other CBHMA news, Tom Heski has informed me that he and new board member Don Fisk are discussing field trip sites that we haven't seen in recent memory. Some candidates are: Fort C.F. Smith, Bozeman Trail, Hayfield Fight Site, Medicine Wheel, Yellowtail Dan, Bighorn Canyon and Wolf Mountain Battlefield. Stay tuned.

Again, we are asking for members to consider running for the board of directors. It doesn't take a lot of time, you can attend all anniversary weekend activities, assist attendees and volunteer for committees. It is a very rewarding experience. Don't miss the March 1, 2019, filing date.

We are also looking for volunteers. You don't have to be a  board member to participate. We are looking for a new auctioneer for our annual auction, as Mike Koury has upped and retired. We're also in the market for a book sales manager. Please contact us if you are interested.

By the time you get this, Christmas will be right around the corner. For $20 you can give the gift that lasts all year - a CBHMA membership. It includes the Greasy Grass magazine, four issues of the Dispatch, and 15 percent off book purchases. Remember, it can't be used to renew a current membership.

If you have any membership questions, please reach out to our membership chair, Michele Noyes, whose contact information is on page 2, along with contact information for board members is on the inside cover as is information for Dispatch editor Jim Barthold, who is always in need of stories and would be glad to discuss your potential contributions.

Garry Owen,