Custer Battlefield Historical & Museum Association



Jeff Barnes, "McAuliffe's Last Stand: One Man's Fight to Memorialize Custer and the Seventh"

Vince Heier, "Custer in Comic Book Art: How Comic Book Art Shaped a Legend"

Mike Koury, "Fifty Years with CBHMA"

James Mueller, "Who was Custer? Teacher, Writer, Political Activist, Performer...and Soldier"

Lilah Pengra, "Isaiah Dorman: Battlefield Mutilation and a Strip of Skin"


Jeff Broome, “The Fletcher Family Indian Captivity Story: An Incident in the Plains Indian War”

John Fahey, “The General and the Doctor: Dr. Bernard John Dowling Irwin & General George Armstrong Custer”

Dennis Farioli & Ron Nichols, “Last Man Standing: William Spencer McCaskey”

Mike Penfold, “Colonel Stanley & Lt. Colonel Custer’s Expedition on the Yellowstone 1873”

Rickard Ross, “First to Arrive on Custer’s Battlefield With the Montana Column”

Doug Scott, “Firearms Analysis on the Rosebud Battlefield”  


Richard Fox - The Custer Trail

Rod Thomas - "Grass in His Hands," White Swan's Great Fight

James Mueller - Swinging Around the Circle with Custer: George Armstrong Custer's Role in the 1866 Election

Jerry Keenan - Yellowstone Kelly in the Nez Perce Campaign

Peter Russell - Custer's Sergeant Major William H. Sharrow (Presented by Ron Nichols)

Mike O'Keefe - The Custer Literature


Richard Upton - The Upton-Custer Adventure…

Paul Hedren - The Generals Explore Sioux Country: Sherman, Sheridan, Crook & Terry Come West in 1877...

Michael Donahue - The Maps of John Stands-in-Timber …

Chris Dixon - The First Scalp for Custer, Custer’s Killer & Custer’s Last Rally—Buffalo Bill’s Wild West & the Commemoration of Little Bighorn…

Mike Koury - "Forget the Gatling Guns!"…

Shannon Vihlene - Custer’s Last "Drag"…

Neil Mangum - Dreams Can Come True: Bridging Four Decades of Experiences at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument…