Custer Battlefield Historical & Museum Association

Custer Battlefield
Historical & Museum Association

The CBHMA was formed by seven people intimately involved and concerned with interpretation, preservation, and memory of the people who fought and died there.

Then Superintendent Major Edward J. Luce, his wife Evelyn S. Luce, Crow Tribal historian Joe Medicine Crow, and four friends, Judge Ben Harwood, Fred C. Kreig, Walter C. Nye, and George C. Osten held the first Association meeting 11 January 1953 in The Stone House now housing the White Swan Research Library.

The mission of the CBHMA is to provide a mechanism for the study of this battle, the people involved on both sides, the times, and the Plains Indians Wars in general. We are over 1,200 strong around the world since for some reason this one battle has transcended time and distance to remain one of the most discussed military actions in United States history.

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